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1.  Depending on your personality, durability in each may be important.

2.  Permanent ink on either is there forever.

3.  Each is created with either intention or laze.  Hope for a work of art.

4.  Both find satisfaction in the progress of the other.

5.  A sturdy spine of either makes for a good foundation.

6.  Cast not each pearl to swine.  Valuable are both’s insides.

7.  Don’t worry: the cover of either can be mended.

8.  Dog ears aren’t attractive on either.

9.  Tree pulp and blood, though vital, are gross to look at.

10.  No two of either are alike, nor replaceable.

A few more?

A page is like a hangnail: pull the bad ones out only if you must: it can hurt.

An open book is good for a few laughs, but that only lasts so long.

Share as much as you can of both with your children and their children.

An author finds herself interesting; a journal finds itself interesting.

A journal believes it’s author always; an author knows the journal silghtly embellishes.

When thrown into the fire neither both become ashes.

Lyes in a journal device neither the journal nor the author; lying in an author deceives the world.


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