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A craft binder is a great way to organize your ideas and your craft space! I use mine like crazy, so I thought I’d share the basics of it with you.

The Binder

Find the biggest 3-ring binder that you can:i t needs to hold a lot!  Personalize it with fun paper and your name.

Fill it with the basics.

1.  Make sure it has inner pockets.  You can tuck patterns and instructions in these.

2.  Use dividers (mine are made from heavy paper, not store-bought.)  Label each section with the different types art that you create.  Fill each divided section with both lined and blank paper.

Add the extras.

3.  Use clear presentation-page protectors to display your favorite craft paper, fabric or a craft magazine page detailing a new craft idea.

4. Here you can jot down ideas to try later, a tip from a friend, a sketch for a new design or a website you’ll reference later.

Include the catch-all.

Punch holes in a manila envelope or other folder to keep the loose pages in your organizer, like sewing patterns, instruction booklets and paper samples.

Happy organizing!


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