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I’m soooo hateful of my measuring cups.

Well, I have two sets.  One is by Kitchen Aid, and they’re fine.  The other are black plastic generic ones that my mom gave me from her camping supply that she didn’t need, and they suck.  The black ones tried to trick me into thinking I was crazy.  The black ones are the ones from hell.

I’m a great baker.  I make bread, cookies and any other toasty goody I’m in the mood for.  But for the past few months I’ve been producing crap about half the time: it’s either too dry, too soupy or just not right.  This isn’t like me, so I figured I’ve been going through a rough patch.

This morning I decided to make cookies, and the dough looked totally dry.  Chocolate chip cookie dough isn’t supposed to be dry.  I mean it looks like sand!  I got suspicious, and reasoned that the only way that this sand-crap dough was too dry was from too much dry ingredient.  I used ‘ol trusty Kitchen Aid cups to double check the devil ones, and sure ’nuff: they’re off by 100%!

A big bowl filled with sand-dough.

So the 1/2 cup is really a 1 cup.  Half the time I was adding twice the recipes’ dry ingredients.

I’m glad I figured it out, and feel wonderfully gratified! My baking is still divine!  Though I am feeling unreasonably spiteful at the irresponsible cup manufacturer.  THEIR ONLY JOB IS TO MAKE LITTLE ACCURATE CUPS WITH FLIMSY HANDLES.  They’re fired in my head.

Has this ever (in all of the history of the time of people) happened to anyone else?


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