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I’ve been thinking about different ways to creatively wrap this year.  While I like to stay away from the basic wrapping paper, ribbon and a peel-and-stick tags, sometimes it’s easier than getting really creative.  especially if you have a million gifts to wrap.

I remember one year, when my sister and I were young, my mother helped us make wrapping paper.  She cut raw potaties in half, and my sister and I carved designs into the flat cut side, much like pumpkin carving.  She then laid out big sheets of paper and  plated of craft paint, and we stamped the paper with our designs.  It was so much fun, and a great memory to keep.

I made some gift tags for my etsy site, all out of pretty decor paper.  They’re big, about 5×2, and would look great on a plainly wrapped present.  They’re bold enough that they’ll make a gift beautiful, if I don’t say so myself!

What ways have you creatively wrapped your gifts?


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