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rain in pdxThroughout the weekend I made a list of everything I needed to do Monday.  My list got longer and longer, and by Sunday night it looked like Santa’s list of the good and the bad, rolling onto the floor.  I went to bed early Sunday night with slightly bitter anticipation of the next day’s errands and chores.

I woke up Monday morning to a torrential downpour that was so lound it drowned my thoughts out…then it drowned the tv out.  Then I felt my house shake a little bit.  Looking outside at the sheets of rain, I resigned to the fact that it probably wasn’t a good day to go out.  The weather man advised against it.

As I cozied into the couch I realized that my list was comprised of tasks that were 99% out-of-house.  I didn’t mind that I had to stay in, especially since the 1% of my list that was in-house was crafting! (it’s always on my to-to list.)  Still in my robe and slippers, coffee in hand, I began to climb the stairs to my attic (where my crafting nook resides) and I heard the weatherman on tv say something about traffic, accidents and roof damage.  No matter to me…I had plans!

The ritual of organizing my paper and booktape, my music and my newfound materials is always exciting.  Maybe mother nature wanted me to cut and paste today, I thought.  This is fate.  I’m not supposed to run errands.  I’m supposed to create! I thumbed through my craft book, decided on a great journal project and turned to my desk.

Something didn’t look right.

I scanned for a moment, and then it hit me: I was out of glue.  Errand #1 on my list: stop by the paper store for book glue.

Torture and agony!  Mother Nature was playing games with me!  The weather man was in on it!  The glue factory makes the bottles too small!   with So, my Monday was spent trapped creationless in a soggy house with every craft supply on earth… and no glue.  To an artist, it can’t get much worse.  I was crabby all day.

The theme of my story?

Rain, rain, down the drain,

I think I might go insane.

I forgot I’m outta sticky,

Now my attitude is icky.



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