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My reaction, after learning about the earthquake disaster in Haiti, was wondering what I could do to help.  The most obvious answer is donating money to those giving immediate relief; unfortunately, my meager finances are tied up in electric bills and rent, with none extra to give.

I then realized that I could create a line of notebooks for my Etsy shop and donate 100% of the proceeds to the relief effort.  While there’s a lack of cash in my home, there’s an abundance of paper.

This makes me think about trading talents.  The economy is tough lately, and most of us are impacted by it, whether we have to find new jobs,  cut back on spending or have to rearrange our lifestyles to accommodate the tight financial situation.  But every single one of us, yes, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, has a talent or gift that can be shared.

Be it artistic talent, eggs from backyard chickens, a talent for graphic design, a recipe for fantastic cookies or a flair for photography, a gift can be shared, donated or traded.  A friend of mine owns a child’s clothing company, and was in need of packaging designs for baby clothes.  I am a talented paper crafter (patting my own back,) and happened to be in need of a baby gift for a friend.  We agreed to trade our goods.  For the price of shipping a small box, we not only satisfied a need we had, but we supported each other.

Here’s food for your thought:  Your talent or gift is more valuable than money.  Whose lives, including your own, can you touch or enrich with your gift?  A new motto of mine, created with my disaster relief notebooks, is this:

(Thanks to Karin! Her purchase of this notebook donates to Mercy Corps.)


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The earthquake disaster in Haiti is heart wrenching.  I’ve watched the news, every day, feeling a mix of horror and absolute awe for the people of Haiti.  I’ve learned that pre-earthquake, half of Haiti’s population was under the age of 18.  Pre-earthquake, there were 300, 000 orphans.  Post-earthquake, those numbers have risen significantly.

I have created a line of notebooks in which I will donate 100% of the purchase money to Mercy Corps.

Here are some of the items I’ve made:

(blue, red and yellow are the Haiti Support Ribbon colors.)

For more info, visit KellyPress@Etsy

For more info about Mercy Corps, visit Mercy Corps

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My newest creations, like all my others, are made with recycled materials.  These are made with an older sock monkey calendar that I forgot I had, and some recycled paper and board.  They’re some of my favorites yet!

The Grandpa Sock Monkey Journal

The Boho Sock Monkey Journal

Gift Set 1

Gift Set 2

I love the monkey!

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